Rhythmic Gymnastics: 9 Benefits of Starting Early

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport, where girls reach their peek pretty early – typically in their late teens (15-20). They become age-eligible to compete in Olympic games and other major competitions on January 1st of their 16th year. Although in the last decade we started seeing highly competitive gymnasts in their early twenties (Evgenia Kanaeva, Carolina Rodriguez, Sylvia Miteva, Delpphine Ledoux), the trend to start training early is still relevant. The reason is very simple: the sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to develop the necessary qualities for gymnasts, which include balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength.

What if you don’t want your child to be a professional rhythmic gymnast, but just to be more active and participate in rhythmic gymnastics in order to be fit? Does it make sense to start early, if you are intended to participate in the recreational section of rhythmic gymnastics? The answer is «Yes»! A child, who begins doing rhythmic gymnastics early, acquires a set of unique opportunities to improve the quality of living and gets a good start. If your daughter is not involved in any kind of sports yet, consider the opportunity for her to start rhythmic gymnastics classes in order to allow your child to do the following:

  1. Become stronger and healthier. Participation in rhythmic gymnastics helps meet the recommendations set forth by the American Heart Association to participate in 60 minutes of physical activity per day. In the initial stages of training a lot of attention is paid to the overall development of the body through basic exercises. The first years of training include great variety of exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination that help to form a correct posture, develop muscles, improve motor functions. The child, participating in rhythmic gymnastics classes, grows up a flexible, strong and sturdy. Due to regular physical exercises and healthy life habits rhythmic gymnasts are less susceptible to disease than their peers.
  2. Develop healthy habits for the future. Starting gymnastics at an early age helps to set your child in a healthy way of life, forming good habits and skills from the very beginning. Rhythmic gymnastics is uniquely transferable, providing a child the basis to further participate in other kinds of athletic activities. Being early involved in rhythmic gymnastics helps encourage a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning, including regular physical activity and eating a well balanced diet.
  3. Build confidence and high self-esteem. Rhythmic gymnastics involves graceful body movements, agility, flexibility and balance. Thereby, rhythmic gymnastics helps girls move confidently and gracefully. By bringing your daughter to rhythmic gymnastics classes you can help her avoid teenage awkwardness, improve self-esteem and self-confidence, getting elegance and gracefulness through gymnastics.
  4. Build psychological resistance. Due to the necessity to perform routines under intense pressure and practice the same skills over and over again a gymnast develops strong character. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport of dedication and determination. Gymnasts train hard in order to maintain the required qualities.
  5. Acquire important social skills like teamwork and respect for seniors. The need to interact with their peers, the presence of extraneous people during classes, and the need to perform in public contribute to the social adaptation of children. Parents of a young gymnast don’t have to worry that she’ll feel embarrassed in an unfamiliar environment or scared to new circumstances. 
  6. Make reliable friends in a safe and encouraging environment. Bad companies and bad habits tend not to affect those, who are engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. Gymnasts, like other athletes, simply do not have time for bad habits. Well-built schedule and priority setting are critically important at the early age, laying the foundations for the child’s behavior in the future.
  7. Learn good manners. Taking gymnastics classes, girls acquire good posture and manner to behave. Rhythmic gymnastics coaches try to instill in gymnasts neatness, good manners, and accuracy. The habit to constantly monitor each movements and body position provides graceful and elegant manner of social behavior.
  8. Get the perfect way to express herself through movements. The essence of rhythmic gymnastics is self-expression. Rhythmic gymnastics is a unique combination of sport, dance and art. None of workout is not like the other. Rhythmic gymnastics encourages creativity allowing the gymnast to express herself in a unique and individualized way. Rhythmic gymnastics provide your daughter with an opportunity to creatively express her feelings and emotions through different periods of her life.
  9. Be more successful in life. A child, from an early age accustomed to hard working and discipline, grows hardworking and disciplined. Willpower, patience, and independence – these are the qualities that are most likely to be acquired by a child, who is familiar with rhythmic gymnastics. Through training rhythmic gymnasts gain the ability to never give up – a very important quality that helps them to succeed in other aspects of life.

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