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Development Championship 2023

USA Gymnastics Development Program Championships, June 3-5, 2023 (West Palm Beach, Florida) Level 6 ⭐️ Tim Emiliya: 🥉bronze in ribbon from the entire level (regardless of age)– 15th AA⭐️ Chemisova Eva: 45th AA amongst the entire level 🥉 Our region 6 was awarded the third strongest out of all the regions in the United States! […]

Elite Qualifier 2023

Rhythmic Elite Qualifier 2023, May 19-21 (Indianapolis, Indiana) Hopes: (2011-12)⭐ Alina Dekhanov: 🥉 hoop, 12th AA Junior (2010):⭐ Evgeniia Pershina: 4th hoop, 🥈ball, 🥈ribbon, 🥈AA Junior (2009):⭐ Vlada Ishutina: 7th ribbon, 6th hoop, 🥉ball, 🥈ribbon, 4th AA Juniors Regardless of Age:Vlada: 15th AA👏Evgennia: 17th AA 👏 🥳 Evgennia became level 10 and both girls qualified […]

Level 4-5 classics 2023

Level 4-5 Classics, May 19-21 (Indianapolis, Indiana) Level 4 2017:⭐Davydenko Polina: 🥇rope, 🥇hoop, 🏆1st AA 2016:⭐Tulbaeva Safia: 9th hoop, 10th rope and AA
2014:⭐ Hafeez Sofia: 10th hoop, 16th AA 2013:⭐ Nevader Penelope: 25th AA 2012:⭐Ivleva Sophia: 7th rope, 6th hoop, 6th AA Level 5 2014 (Jan-May):⭐ Krutikova Maria: 7th ball, 4th ribbon, 🥈clubs, 5th AA […]

Sunshine Cup 2023

Sunshine Cup, May 6-7, 2023 (Miami, Florida) Level 6 2011 ⭐Zaborskaia Veronika: 🥇floor, rope, 🥈 hoop, ribbon, AA 2012 ⭐Tim Emiliya:🥇Floor, Rope, Hoop, Ribbon, AA ⭐Krutikova Anna:🥈Floor, Rope, Hoop, Ribbon, AA 2013 ⭐Plotnikova Eva:🥈Floor, Rope, AA, 4th Hoop,🥇 Ribbon ⭐Bulkin Alexandra:🥉Floor, Rope, AA, 5th Hoop,🥈 Ribbon ⭐Smila Alexa: 6th FLoor, rope, 🥉hoop, 5th ribbon, AA […]

Classics Eastern 2023

Eastern Classic Championship, April 29-30, 2023 (Woodbridge, Virginia) Juniors2012:⭐ Dekhkanova Alina : 🥇ball, 🥇clubs,🥈hoop, 4th ribbon,🥉third AA2010:⭐ Pershina Evgeniia: 5th ball, 4th clubs, ribbon, 🥈hoop, 4th AA⭐ Kalashyan Alexis: 8th ball, 5th hoop, 🥉clubs, 7th AA⭐ Kashichkina Polina: 8th clubs, 10th AA Senior:⭐ Tsoy Yuliya: 5th hoop,4th ribbon, 🥇ball, 🥉third AA 🎉 Special Congratulations to […]

Region 6 2023

Region 6 Championship, April 13-16, 2023 (Houston, Texas) Level 3 2017:⭐ Kasyanov Anna: 🥇floor, 🥇ball, 🏆first AA, 🥈out of the entire level regardless of age division!⭐ Bushueva Stella: 🥈floor, 🥈ball, 🥈AA 2016:⭐ Avdyeyeva Varvara: 🥇floor, 🥇ball, 🏆first AA Level 5 2015:⭐ Sedorchenko Olivia: 6th clubs, 4th floor, 🥉ball, 🥉ribbon, 🥉AA⭐ Kaplan Natalie: 6th floor, ball, […]

Tamara Cup 2023

Tamara Cup Invitational, April 6-9 2023 (Las Vegas, Nevada) Level 5 015:⭐ Kaplan Natalie: 7th floor, ball, clubs, AA, 6th ribbon 2014:⭐ Krutikova Maria: 4th clubs, 🥈floor, 🥈ribbon, 🥈AA, 🥇ball 2013:⭐ Argutyan Diana: 8th clubs, 6th ball and AA, 5th floor and ribbon⭐ Perminov Alexandra: 🥉ball, 8th AA⭐ Bux Michelle: 8th floor, 6th ribbon, 10th […]


Hello, sports parents! Your child and the coaches need you on the team! Yes, you can help your children to become winners, who feel good about themselves each and every day and have a positive attitude towards sports! You are a very important part of the team and if you do your job well, then […]

7 Traits of a Great Youth Gymnastics Coach

When it comes to youth sports, good coaching is essential to get the maximum of a child’s talent and abilities. The most important things that children know about their coaches are not their super methods and the number of famous athletes they trained, but the way how their coaches treat them in everyday sports life. When famous […]