The First Orlando Cup Invitational was organized by Central Florida’s Sonya Flex Academy, who has recruited the top gymnastics experts and recognized official sponsors of the area. The competition took place on February 2-4 2018 in Winter Park, Florida. We were happy to bring the entire IK Rhythmic Team to the event – about 50 gymnasts participated and brought home 31 gold, 30 silver and 25 bronze medals! We are proud of our team! Congratulations, girls and coaches!

Results – IK School of Gymnastics

Level 3

Victoria Arango – 2nd rope

Alsu Ospan – 3rd rope

Polina Proscurmia – 1st ball, 1stAA

Mia Montalenti – 1st floor

Alena Koneva – 1st rope, 2nd AA

Leora Bikbulatova – 2nd ball

Level 4

Ameli Dubova – 3rd floor

Alexis Kalashyan – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA

Rachel Rodrigez – 1st floor, 2nd hoop, 3rd AA

Milla Shavladze – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA

Rada Stepa – 2nd floor

Alejandra Kirkpatrick – 1st floor, 2nd hoop, 1st ball, 2nd AA

Valeria Yones – 2nd ball, 2nd AA

Level 5

Stefania Mishtal – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA, 3rd clubs

Violetta Plokhotnichenko – 2nd ball, 3rd floor, 3rd clubs

Isabella Chavez – 2nd hoop

Olivia Ortiz – 1st floor, 1st ball, 2nd hoop, 2nd clubs, 2nd AA

Anna Borzenkova – 3rd ball

Karina Georgieva – 2nd hoop, 2nd AA, 3rd floor, 3rd ball

Level 6

Elizaveta Samardak – 1st rope, 1st ribbon, 1st AA, 2nd floor, 2nd hoop

Emily Tabak – 3rd floor

Yana Kostenko – 2nd floor, 2nd AA, 3rd rope

Addison Runzheimer – 3rd floor

Laila Rosenberg – 1st hoop, 3rd rope, 3rd ribbon, 3rd AA

Alexandra Rykova – 1st hoop, 2nd ribbon, 3rd AA

Level 7

Jaelyn Chin – 1st floor, 1st ball, 1st clubs, 1st AA, 2nd hoop

Irina Fesyun – 1st hoop, 2nd floor, 2nd clubs, 2nd AA

Michelle Pontchek – 2nd hoop

Lucia Borja – 2nd ball, 3rd AA

Yana Kovalkova – 3rd floor, 3rd hoop, 3rd clubs

Level 8

Mia Ackerman – 3rd rope, 3rd ball

Daria Sokolova – 2nd rope, 3rd ribbon, 3rd AA 

Level 9

Gabriela Montano – 2nd hoop, 2nd AA, 3rd clubs