Florida State Rhythmic Gymnastics Meet 2016, March 19-20, 2016, Miami, FL

Florida State Rhythmic Gymnastics Meet 2016, Miami, FL. March 19-20, 2016, Miami, FL Florida annual Rhythmic Gymnastics State meet is an important event for rhythmic gymnastics clubs of Florida, since it allows to identify the most successful gymnastic schools and programs. The 2016 Florida State Rhythmic Gymnastics Meet was held in Miami – 22 gold, 12 silver and 29 bronze medals went to IK School of Gymnastics. We are so proud of our gymnasts and our coaches!

Results – IK School of Gymnastics

Level 4

Natalia Dreszer – 1st floor, rope, hoop, AA

Yana Kostenko – 2nd floor, rope, hoop, AA

Sophia Miller – 3rd floor, rope, hoop, AA

Evelyn Mitzova – 1st rope, AA, 2 nd floor, hoop

Addison Runzheimer – 1st floor, 2nd rope, 3rd AA

Stephanie Mishtal – 1st hoop, 3rd floor, rope, AA

Liza Samardak – 1st rope, AA, hoop

Samantha Matamoros – 1st floor, 2nd rope, 3rd hoop, AA

Level 5

Fesyun Irina – 1st floor, hoop, clubs, ball, AA

Chin Jaelyn – 1st floor, hoop, clubs, AA, 2nd ball

Borja Lucia – 2nd floor

Level 6

Michelle Pontchek – 2 nd ball 3 rd floor

Level 7

Mia Ackerman – 3rd floor, hoop, ball, ribbon, AA

Daria Sokolova – 3rd hoop, ball, ribbon, AA

Gabriela Montano – 3rd floor

Isabella Zamorano – 1 hoop

Level 9

Hana Starkman –  2nd Rope 3 clubs, ball, AA

Eleonora Gordienko – 3 rd hoop