Vitry Stars Cup 2018, March 3 – 4, Niles, Illinois.

IK was extremely happy to participate in the first Vitry Stars Cup – gymnastics competition organized by Vitrychenko Academy in memory of famous Ukrainian gymnastics coach Nina Vitrychenko. A lot of strong competitors from all over US came to the event which was brilliantly organized! Our team had a great competitive experience at Vitry Stars Cup 2018! Thank you, Vitrychenko Academy for such a nice competition!

Results – IK School of Gymnastics

Level 4

Milla Shavladze – 1st floor, 1st ball, 2nd AA

Level 5

Stefania Mishtal – 2nd floor, 2nd clubs, 2nd AA, 3rd hoop, 3rd ball

Karina Georgieva – 2nd ball, 2nd clubs, 3rd floor, 3rd AA

Violetta Plokhotnichenko – 2nd hoop

Level 6

Elizaveta Samardak – 1st rope, 3rd AA

Rykova Alexandra – 1st rope, 2nd hoop, 1st ribbon, 1st AA, 

Yana Kostenko – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ribbon, 1st AA, 2nd rope

Addison Runzheimer – 1st floor

Laila Rozenberg – 3rd hoop

Level 7

Jaelyn Chin – 2nd clubs, 2nd ball, 3rd floor

Irina Fesyun – 1st clubs, 1st floor, 1st ball, 1st AA

Lucia Borja – 2nd clubs

Yana Kovalkova –  3rd hoop, 3rd ball

Sophie Speath – 3rd floor

Sophia Miller – 2nd floor