2019 Rhythmic Region 6 Championships, May 3-5 2019, Atlanta, GA.

Region 6 represents rhythmic gymnastics clubs in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and Puerto Rico. IK Team did a great job at the competition. 64 gold, 48 silver, 36 bronze medals brought home from Atlanta! We are especially proud of our Grand Champions in Levels 3, 5, 8 and 9 and of 17 IK gymnasts qualified for Junior Olympic Team! Congratulations to all girls! We love you, ladies in red and are thankful for your enthusiasm and dedication. Thank you to our amazing coaches for their hard work and patience and thank you to our wonderful parents who support their children in all ways so they can do their best. 

Results – IK School of Gymnastics 

Level 3

Anastasia Stolbunova – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA

Gabriela Fundora – 2nd floor, 2nd ball, 2nd hoop, 2nd AA

Ariana Armas – 2nd floor, 1st hoop, 2nd ball, 1st AA

Valentina Chaparro – 3rd floor, 2nd hoop, 1st ball, 2nd AA

Yana Raimova – 1st floor, 3rd hoop, 3rd ball, 3rd AA

Emma Borja – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA

Anastasiia Dubousova – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA – Grand Champion in Level 3 regardless of age

Mouradian Eva – 2nd floor, 3rd hoop, 2nd ball, 2nd AA

Pierre Gabriella Marie – 2nd hoop, 3rd ball, 3rd AA

Level 4

Daria Bogush – 1st floor

Alina Ospan – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st ball, 1st AA

Maria Khasanova – 3rd floor, 1st rope, 2nd ball, 3rd AA

Lia Avidan – 1st ball, 3rd AA

Shira Avidan – 3rd rope, 3rd ball

Kristina Abdrshina – 2nd floor, 2nd rope, 2nd ball, 2nd AA

Level 5

Milla Shavladze – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st hoop, 1st clubs, 1st AA 45400

Evgeniia Pershina – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st hoop, 1st AA, Grand Champion in Level 5 regardless of age

Alexis Kalashyan – 2nd floor, 3rd clubs, 3rd AA

Mariyam Orlikova – 3rd floor, 3rd rope

Level 6

Stefania Mishtal – 1st floor, 3rd rope, 1st hoop, 3rd ribbon, 2nd AAqualified for Junior Olympic Team

Karina Georgieva – 2nd rope, 2nd hoop, 2nd ribbon, 2nd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Olivia Ortiz – 3rd floor, 3rd rope, 3rd hoop, 3rd ribbon, 3rdAA

Violetta Plokhotnichenko – 2nd floor, 3rd hoop, 2nd ribbon, 1st AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Selena Slastikhina – 3rd rope, 2nd hoop, 3rd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Belen Lettieri – 3rd floor, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Chavez Isabella – 2nd floor, 2nd ribbon, 3rd AA qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Anna Borzenkova – qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Level 7

Yana Kostenko – 1st floor, 2nd ball, 2nd hoop, 1st clubs, 1st AA

Elizaveta Samardak – 2nd floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 2nd clubs, 1st AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Laila Rozenberg – 1st floor, 2nd hoop, 2nd ball, 1st clubs, 2nd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Emily Tabak – 2nd floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st clubs, 1st AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Vlada Ishutina – 1st floor, 2nd hoop, 2nd ball. 2nd clubs, 2nd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Rykova Alexandra – 1st clubs, 3rd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Level 8

Lucia Borja – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st clubs, 1st ribbon, 1st AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Sophie Speath – 2nd floor, 2nd rope, 2nd ribbon, 3rd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Angelina Mirer – 3rd ribbon

Fesyun Irina – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st clubs, 2nd ribbon, 1st AA, Grand Champion in Level 8 regardless of age, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Sofia Miller – 3rd floor, 2nd clubs, 3rd AA, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Yana Kovalkova – 3rd rope, 3rd ribbon, qualified for Junior Olympic Team

Level 9

Gabriela Montano – 2nd rope, 1st ball, 1st clubs, 1st ribbon, 1st AA

Jaelyn Chin – 3rd rope, 2nd ball, 1st clubs, 1st ribbon, 1st AA – grand Champion in Level 9 regardless of age