2019 Orlando Cup Rhythmic Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational – February 7 – 10, Winter Park, FL

Thank you Sonya Flex Academy for The Second Orlando Cup Invitational! It was a great pleasure to attend the competition. Over 350 gymnasts competing for medals – it was a great experience! 57 gold, 52 silver, 29 bronze medals brought home from the competition! 30 All Around Places, and 7 champions over all ages in Level 3, 5, 8 and 9! We are proud of you, IK gymnasts and are ready to work even harder in order to help everyone to reach their maximum potential.

Results – IK School of Gymnastics

Level 3

Eva Muradian – 2nd floor, 3rd hoop, 1st ball, 2nd AA, 2nd place beyond all ages 

Anastasia Dubousova – 2nd hoop, 3rd ball, 3rd AA.

Valentina Chaparro – 2nd floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA.

Ariana Armas – 3rd floor, 2nd hoop, 2nd clubs, 2nd AA.

Yana Raimova – 1st floor, 3rd AA.

Anastasia Stolbunova – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA, 3rd place beyond all ages 

Gabriela Fundora – 2nd floor, 2nd ball, 2nd AA.

Emma Borja – 2nd floor, 2nd hoop, 1st ball, 1st AA.

Sofia Pateeva – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 2nd ball, 2nd AA.

Mery Mouradian – 3rd floor.

Level 4

Maria Khasanova – 2nd ball.

Vasilisa Osmak – 3rd floor, 1st rope, 1st ball, 2nd AA.

Alina Ospan – 1st floor, 1st ball, 1st rope, 1st AA.

Kristina Abdrshina – 2nd floor, 2nd rope, 2nd ball, 2nd AA.

Lia Avidan – 3rd floor, 3rd rope, 1st ball, 1st AA.

Shira Avidan – 2nd floor, 2nd ball, 3rd AA. 

Level 5

Evgenia Pershina – 3rd floor, 1st rope, 3rd AA.

Rada Shtepa – 3rd floor, 3rd clubs.

Vlada Ovchinnikova – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st hoop, 1st clubs, 1st AA.

Alexis Kalashyan – 2nd floor, 2nd hoop, 1st clubs, 1st AA3rd AA beyond all age groups 

Milla Shavladze – 1st floor, 1st rope, 1st hoop, 1st clubs, 1st AA, grand champion in Level 5 

Level 6

Stefania Mishtal – 1st floor, 2nd rope.

Olivia Ortiz – 3rd floor, 3rd rope, 3rd hoop, 3rd ribbon, 3rd AA.

Izabella Chavez – 1st hoop.

Alyssa White – 2nd floor, 3rd hoop.

Violetta Plokhotnichenko – 3rd floor, 2nd rope.

Belen Lettieri – 1st rope.

Selena Slastikhina – 3rd hoop.

Karina Georgieva – 3rd hoop

Level 7

Vlada Ishutina – 2nd floor, 2nd clubs, 2nd ball, 2nd AA.

Emily Tabak – 2nd floor, 3rd hoop, 1st clubs.

Elizaveta Samardak – 1st floor, 1st hoop, 1st ball, 3rd clubs, 1st AA.

Laila Rosenberg – 2nd floor, 3rd hoop, 1st clubs, 2nd AA.

Alexandra Rykova – 2nd hoop, 1st clubs, 3rd AA.

Yana Kostenko – 2nd floor, 2nd hoop, 1st ball, 1st clubs, 2nd AA.

Level 8

Sofie Speath – 1st floor.

Lucia Borja – 2nd floor, 3rd rope, 1st clubs, 2nd clubs, 2nd AA.

Angelina Mirer – 2nd rope

Irina Fesyun – 1st floor, 1st clubs, 1st ribbon, 1st AA, Grand Champion of Level 8 

Yana Kovalkova – 2nd floor, 1st rope, 2nd clubs, 2nd AA, 2nd place in Level 8 beyond all ages 

Level 9 

Jaelyn Chin – 1st ribbon, 2nd ball, 2nd rope, 2rd clubs, 2nd AA

Gabriela Montano – 1st ribbon, 1st ball, 2nd clubs, 1st AA3rd over all in Level 9